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I got an AGM 30 and the "tuned pipe canister" just before Christmas, It's installed in a Weston Capiche 140 which weighed in at 6.5 Kgs with a 180 glow 4 stroke. The vertical performance with the glow was an issue so I decided to give the AGM30 a go to see if I could get cheaper fuel costs and better performance. I chose to run the engine in on the ground - it's in the airframe though. I found it very easy to start with an electric starter and it ran rich straight away. I've gradually leaned the mixture but it's still a tad rich. Flew it for the first time yesterday and, with an APC 18x8 prop, recorded 9,000 rpm at WOT with a huge amount of pull. The Capiche weight has risen to 6.6 Kgs as although the AGM30 is slightly lighter than the 180 glow 4 stroke, by the time to add ignition and ignition battery it's 100 gms heavier. Still, it pulled the Capiche vertically upwards for as long as I kept it pointing at the sky! I was amazed at the performance. As the manufacturer quotes max power at 8,500 rpm, I'm going to change to an APC 18x10 for the next flight and squeeze the main needle closed a bit more and see what that does for performance.

So far, so good, and I'm just amazed, as are my clubmates, at the transformation in the Capiche's performance.