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Thanks a lot for the hint, I am going to check the servo extension too. I have already tried another receiver without succeeding and that is why I thought that it could be the TX. In another plane I had a similar situation but that time one elevator was sluggish Vs the other and its response lagged sometimes. Then I found that it was the Y cable so I solved the problem by plugging the servos into two different channels
Unlike this time the rudder servo self-bangs to the far left a couple of times in the first 2 - 3 minutes of the flight and then it keeps quiet until the end. The other funny thing is that I cannot make it happen on the ground, for some reason the plane has to be airborne.
I even asked my buddies to check me while flying for uncontrolled thumb movements, like it was an early sign of some neurological disease, but they said that they saw nothing.

One more thing, sorry for trying you patience. Almost coincidently with these glitches, another group of RC enthusiasts set their new flying field some 500 meters away from ours (yeah, I know this sounds funny too). As we don't know these guys, is it a possibility that someone there is playing with one of those electronic devices that can interfere with the 2.4 GHz radio systems?

Trying to salvage my favourite radio,