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Wow, never thought of the TXT-2, I remember seeing those when I was a kid and was getting into this hobby. Nice looking truck, about as realistic a monster truck as there is. I wonder how the handling is on that with the 4 wheel steering. Are the shocks oil filled?

Also, I figured I'd do a little report on the Mad Force. I finished the break in on mine, and it's been running great so far. It handles surprisingly well for a solid axle monster truck. I've only rolled it over a few times so far, and it is a bit bouncy going fast over rough terrain. It handles high speeds much better than I thought it would. I've had 2 issues with it so far, both of them were my fault. The wheel nut fell off it once because I forgot to check the tightness of the nuts and bolts like one should with an RTR. The second thing was a runaway because the receiver pack I was using was not secured in the box well, bounced around, and the plug came out. The truck slammed into a brick wall at about 30 mph or so and only one suspension arm and the center front shaft broke. I'm surprised that was all that broke, the truck hit the wall right on the front axle! I'd say this truck truly is as durable as everyone says it is. Great truck, I'm really happy with it so far. The electric one is basically the same thing without the 3 speed tranny. I'd recommend either one of them to someone wanting a solid axle truck electric or nitro. Also it has 17mm hubs on it, so virtually any 1/8 scale monster truck or buggy rim will work with it. I ran mine for a few tanks with my Ofna Monster Pirate wheels from my T Maxx on it It was awesome for stability, but the stock servo can't really turn those heavy meats too quickly.