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Originally Posted by YHR View Post
Hey Jeff

I know what you mean. I have lost my drive to build anything anymore. My shelves are full. Think I might have to unload half of them and start again!!!

Yes... and no offense but I believe someone like yourself can expose themselves to a burn-out condition with the amount of tanks you built, sold and serviced!

My problem is as I described to you in an earlier PM as I am STILL excising those demons and situations thrust upon me from my surgery back in October of last year. The physical pain alone is debilitating...

BUT!!! New hope on the horizon with that Puma and T-72 N Jagdtiger both from Trumpeter has my interest peaked higher than ever!

Also... I too fell prey to the Sherman tank love affair and have many started, planned and invested in so I myself am facing some sell down of some kits too.