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Default GloBee Intellitach

I have one of these tachometer and it has a parasitic drain on the battery in the off position. On Saturday I installed a new battery. Yesterday I went to use it and the battery was dead. It had less than a volt in it. That didn't seem right so I installed a new battery and started taking periodic readings. Sure enough the battery voltage slowly went down. In the morning new battery voltage was 9.19. By 4 PM it had gone down to 6.29V with unit off. Today I tried a rechargeable battery. At 10:30AM it was 9.57V. By 12 noon it was down to 8.65V unit off. Anyone who has one of these have you encountered a similar thing? Or noticed you are using lots of batteries?

My tach is still in warranty but not sure if it is worth returning for service. I have to call Tower and see what they say. I am considering putting in a micro on/off switch to take the battery out of the circuit when not in use.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks.