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Originally Posted by cloudancer03 View Post
pure ignorance when some of you morons think that jets should be able to withstand a collison with a drone.stupidity.the guy that flew his drone over a raging forest fire in california caused the planes in that area to temporaily stop fire fighting rather than risk a collision. incident of these sort will eventually causing a serious accident with the loss of lifes.should a collision occur and a crash happens you better beieve there will be a congressional hearing and that the FAA will forced to draw restrictive regulations on the entire rc industry as we know it.you do not have a right to endanger the lives of innocent passengers just because you feel you can fly at any height near any airspace you want.keep it up and i guarantee who will win and this time it wont be the ama.
frankly i feel drones that are intended for any kind of commerece should be registered with the FAA and local law enforcement agencies and they need a license with liability insurance in the event there is a seious accident.that will create personal accountibilty will is largely absent now,yes most of the drone pilots at least those i have known are good responsible citizens.and in the event a drone is dilberately breaking yhe law then it should be a felony or at least a misdemeaner,
drones are going to increase and i get it but flying in protected nairspace means you dont fly there period,flying in open lands such as texas or where there is a lot of wasted space .kudos enjoy .but many of us live in urban areas and continue to lose flying fields.
i know that the airline industry has technology in development that when a drone gets too close it will be able to jam the drones frequency .
Yep, you saw the light! It is happening before our very eyes, broadcasted on News Media, Yep, the clowns keep right on doing it regardless of any rules or regulations. We just get to wait until the hammer falls on R/C, it will, and then people will say" I didn't know about that?" . Sorry, story over.