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you guys are funny but right now the california firefighters have issued a 75,000 reward for the owner of the drone i referenced and apparently he may have not been the lone culprit.and since this post a man in kentucky just shot down a drone hovering over his backyard propertyhe shooter was given a citation but he wants to fight back in court which could eventually go a lot further that the local judge.he seemed tolerant and only shot when the drone stopped flying over his back deck and began hovering.as long as it was flying and moving ahead i gathered he didnt have much of an issue,so go ahead laugh and make jokes .in the end you morons will will lose and we all lose because of your total disregard for public safety and privacy.its going to heat up and i guarantee this is only the beginning.a jerk in my hometown was arrested as he flew his drone up the side of a medical building where a doctor was conducting a womans phyiscal exam.as a former administrator i would take exception to privacy iinvasion /and so did the local police as he was arrested.if you cant discern the difference between personal accountability and rights to privacy and preservation of public safety you will get regulated into oblivion and ruin a great hobby.yes i believe that drones need tighter scrunity unless you can prove your going to act like responsible people.