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Originally Posted by Sport_Pilot View Post
It appeared to have been in an urban area. Plus it's not clear to me that it was over his house. Sounds like maybe it was over his neighbor's house.
Urban? Rural? It seems to be more an rural-urban area like the outskirts of a city. After being blasted the drone fell into an open field. Makes it sound like the guy shot the shotgun at a high elevation angle over his property and towards this open field. Considering that shotgun pellets really don't travel very far at all they may also have fallen into the field. Was the guy wrong? Yes. Did he really endanger anyone? Maybe not. Was he stupid for telling the kids he shot the drone down? Yes - he should have been fat, dumb and happy he took out a menace and just left it at that.
What really bothers me is the cops did not even pursue the illegal operation of the drone. They should have kept it and reviewed the video stored on in it. If indeed it showed the drone flying at less than 10 feet in some neighbor's back yard peeking under a deck cover then there are peeping Tom laws broken. It also violated the FAA requirements of keeping your drone from overflying houses as well as keeping in visible contact with it at all times.