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20 years ago our community started talking about FPV on RC airplanes as a way to preted to be a real pilot. Some of us were vocal opponents to it at that time saying that it would just lead to ignoring the safety rules in place to protect people and property. Since then the stability of the rotary wing aircraft has increased dramactically. Now, FPV has become a peeping Tom phenomonon. Peeking in peoples windows. Checking out the neighbor girls sunbathing by their pools. Catching close up views of forest fires. Chasing and harrasing coeds on college campuses. Why didn't the AMA listen to us 20 years ago when we said there is no good that can come from this. Enough law enforcement at that time might have put a damper on this. Now I fear it's too late. Now it seems the only realy solution is to provide low cost jammers to shut these things down which is just as illegal as what these guys are doing.
Wait, there are low cost jammers available mail order from China. GPS jammers. The expensive drones still operate on GPS. GPS jammers are still illegal in the US but hey, that never stopped any other sales from China.