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Originally Posted by FLAPHappy View Post
LCS: He just might prove his point in Court. The drone operator violated his Property Rights, gave No Permission to fly over his house, and second, it was Invasion of his Privacy. If he wins the lawsuit, and he just might, he may then counter sue the idiot that caused him undue distress, violation of Privacy, Trespassing, and his time. He may just make some money, more Power to em. The drone operator is an idiot , and not flying his aircraft within the FAA Rules and the AMA Suggestions. This is the exact same point of this Thread.
I hope he recovers his costs and added punitive...but it would be better if none of that was necessary. I hope info surfaces on the ultimate outcome. It really is a shame so many resources are wasted on such silliness. FWIW I am not sure what FAA rules were violated and AMA's suggestions seem less than relevant in such civil matters.