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Originally Posted by porcia83 View Post
I think we both probably agree it's not right to fly a machine like this over someone's yard or property, even if a camera isn't filming. I think that kind of flying is reckless and opens the pilot up to civil and probably criminal charges down the line. I suspect the laws are going to start coming down harshly against that type of flying as well. We'll both be around to see it....
Yea...I find it interesting that Sillyfornia is trying to pass legislation to allow the destruction of FPV type stuff if it interferes with firefighting...This is exactly the point I've tried to make so often that most people have a hard time grasping...even the brightest of brightest minds due to the conditioning they aren't even aware of... I think we have made it now...no longer are we a country of laws that define what we can't do...we now wait for laws to tell us what we can do...we are going down a well paved road now...but I am sure most won't get that either. Oh well, matters little for myself but I pray for the generations that follow...even though I know the inevitable outcome for most.