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My coupler broke (like all the others). I reversed it and slid it down farther ... broke again after a few uses. Now a few years later my other Dremel tool coupler also disintegrated. You can't buy these parts locally and I was "ticked off" that they cost $6.99 plus shipping or $25+ bucks for a 5 pack so down to my basement to make my own from whatever was lying around. I have an assortment of tubing types and found one about right size (1/4" diameter) cut off to 1.25" length and it works great! I used a tube thats pliable but something firmer may be better? Repaired my second unit and it works great also. Like this a lot better than feeding the parts supply chain and it really ticks me off that Dremel (Bosch) doesn't sell parts or that it would cost as much as $25 to fix something for an $0.10 part. I will NEVER buy another Dremel product in protest (unless I need one LOL). BTW all the Dremel "accessories" are also outrageously expensive. Handy tool though, glad I have two that will now last me the rest of my life since I now have a bin with a bunch of couplers ready to go when I need one!