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I bought mine early on and had some issues. Mine was the one that was missing the reeds, and had some wonky run out. Ping (if I remember his name correctly) was quick to send the reeds and after seeing my post on the vibration issue quickly got in touch with me and ended up sending a new case/crank/piston. I put it on the back burner for a long time, but now its mounted to a Maxford Mentor G I put together for a fun fly bird and I am about to run it again for the first time since getting the new case. I did put a Bowman ring in it, so we will see if that helps the low power issue. I certainly not condoning the poor QC, but I have to admit the costumer service was different then most alphabet engine slingers. If the service has fallen off I would def not miss AGM, if this latest incantation works out, I say I broke even and have no complaints. If not, I'm not out much and will just have to follow the herd and stick with DLE. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose. Just curious if AGM was really trying to be different "this time" with the costumer service and hope that enough "decent enough" units made it past the QC ("quick check" in this case) to keep them going. I cant see something like this making someone a ton of money (unless they knocked off a DLE ship load!)
Ill let you know how the run goes.