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Also out of curiosity I timed my BME 61 twin cylinder engine, it is timed @ 28 degrees exactly to the degree, this engine is about 8-9 years old, has a CH ignition and it is at its best even after been use to race a Spitfire before.

To time the engines I used a buzzer from HK, the timing wheel from CH that you can print from Adrian's web site and also did the spark plug sparking thing, when I was timing the DLE 35 I noticed that the spark came early, the magnet was beginning to go under the sensor when it buzz or sparked ( did it both ways to confirm ) I also noticed that the buzz was long, from the moment the magnet was beginning to go under the sensor to the moment it came out on the other side of the sensor. When I timed the BME it was a short buzz and at 28 degrees.

From what I have learned from adrain at CH, the spark has to come just after the magnet is moving from under the sensor, also read somewhere here that the sensors that comes with the DLE engines are not the best.

Any comments?

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