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Originally Posted by CARS II View Post
I've been learning about timing, my DLE 35RA has a timing of 46 degrees from factory, I recently checked the timing out of curiosity and found it timed at 46 degrees, on the other hand I turned the shaft the opposite way and it sparked at 26 degrees.

There is no way I can make the timing 28 degrees since the sensor bracket can't be move, I was wandering if the factory timed the engine rotating the shaft the opposite way.


The engine runs good at that timing, the question here is will this engine run better if set at 28 degrees? and should it be re drilled to be able to move the bracket?

Any suggestion or recommendations?

Thank you.
I think some of the confusion to the proper timing point comes from what you mentioned in your first post. If you check timing by turning the prop in the normal operating direction ( counter clockwise while facing the motor from in front of the prop) you will be close to the 28 degree mark. But if you turn the prop clockwise while facing the motor from in front of the prop, you will get the 46 degree mark give or take a few degrees.

Just about all the guys who really know 2 stroke engines will say that proper timing will be 28 degrees BTDC. Two to five degrees either way from 28 degrees won't make a huge difference in engine performance.