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Thank you all for replying but.........

I didn't explained myself to clearly, I think.

On the DLE 35 I get a spark @ 46 degrees when turning the prop counter clockwise facing the engine ( the normal way ) and I get a spark @ 26 degrees when turning the prop clockwise facing the engine and that's why I'm asking if they may have timed the engine turning the prop clockwise because it is closer to the 28 degrees?

I don't get the double spark, what I noticed with the buzzer and the spark plug is that the buzz and the spark happens right when the magnet starts passing under the sensor when turning the prop counter clockwise and clockwise.

With the BME 61 that has a CH ignition the spark happens exactly at 28 degrees counter clockwise and I think that is how it should be.

I concluded after checking both ignitions that the sensor on the CH ignition is precise and the sensor on the DLE is way off or imprecise because the tone been so long when tested.

I hope this helps and if it doesn't I will have to do a video to clarified