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It should be mentioned that the sensor sold by RC Extreme Power exhibits none of the problems associated with many of the RCexl sensors. Further, it is adjustable in two directions so a "sweet spot" above the magnet is easy to find. By sweet spot, I mean the size of the area above the magnet where the sensor will trigger. This area is much larger on the RCXP sensor than it is one the RCexl one. If an RCexl sensor exhibits problems, I have found no way to resolve that problem other than replacement. No adjustment or spacing will resolve the problem.

I'm sorry to say I have not tried the CH sensors for this application so I don't know how they act. There have been zero complaints about them though so I'm assuming they are similar to the RCXP sensors.

While this seems to be a common problem on some DLE engines, it is not limited to DLE. Many other engines that use the very popular RCexl ignition also suffer from this same sensor problem. If your engine has any of the following problems: is hard to start by hand, wants to kick back when starting, has poor acceleration regardless of how you adjust the carb and / or it has a persistent high speed miss, you may have the problem described in this thread.

Guys, we're talking about less than a $10.00 fix here that makes the difference between a great running engine and a door stop.

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