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Default We need your pictures!!!!!

As many of you may have noticed over the last year or so the "Shot of the Moment" located on the Homepage of RCU was a bit "broken" and was stuck on one single image of a small foamy biplane with the RCU logo on it. We apologize for this as this kind of fell through the cracks when RCU changed hands to new ownership. This feature used to be hugely popular on RCU "back in the day" as members used to love seeing their "pride and joy" showing up on the front page of RCU for all to see. But when the app running the feature got overlooked many people have probably gotten to the point that they simply overlook it now as it's the same image every time they log into RCU. But we have that fix and we need your help. Right now I've loaded up the application with some pictures that I took during a previous trip to Warbirds Over The Rockies. And to be totally honest with you all, if I wanted to go back through all my coverage photos I could keep the app up and running for quite some time as I literally have thousands of shots from many different events (to name a few - SEFF, many TOP GUNS, Florida Jets, Kentucky Jets, Warbirds Over Texas, Warbirds Over Tulsa, Bomber Field, Monster Planes, etc....). But that's the not purpose the Shot of the Moment. It's supposed to about the members here at RCU Yes, we want to have pictures of airplanes on the front page of RCU. But we want pictures of YOUR airplanes on the front page of RCU. Yes, members airplanes. The members are what makes RCU tick, so that's why we want to see your airplanes. And trust me, they don't have to be a big fancy show quality aircraft to go in there. If it flys I can assure you that other people will be interested to see it in the Shot of the Moment. I'll let you in on a little secret, every month when I get my AMA magazine the first pages I turn to are the "Focal Point" section, this is where members send in pictures of their airplanes. And I know others out there like them too.

So come on everybody, I need you help in getting the Shot of the Moment back up and running.

Here's all you have to do to get your pictures in the Shot Of The Moment.
1. Upload the picture to your photo gallery here on RCU. First go to your own private Photo Gallery.

2. Once you have that selected now click on "Upload Pholos"

3. You will then see the screen that appears below. It contains a line for the photo name, this can be anything you want. Then a photo description, you can write what you want about your photo. Then click on the category of photo. And then finally select the photo on your hard drive to upload to the gallery.

4. Once you have the photo in your gallery you need to use the Shot of the Moment app, click below the picture "Submit your photo for consideration". This will take you to a page that gives you instructions for submitting your photo for consideration. But to boil it down to the basics you will go to your photo in your gallery and use the "Tell a friend" link in each photo and then supply it with the email address of [email protected] to send that link to. In the comments area tell us anything you want us to know about your picture and your plane. We'll be more than happy to get your pride and joy up on the front page of RCU to share with everybody else!!!

So guys, start sending em in and I'll start getting em posted for you!!!!! If you don't see yours posted right away please don't worry. I'm going to space them out a bit because I don't want to slam them all up at once and then run out after a little while with nothing new to post. Once I start getting them in I will start spreading them out so that I have a steady stream of them flowing through!!!

I will thank you guys in advance for any help I get on this one guys!!! Thanks!!!

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