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Originally Posted by av8tor1977 View Post
I have a lot of hours flying this setup with numerous different engines. It uses a mix of 1/3 glow fuel to 2/3's gas. This provides enough methanol for a reliable catalytic reaction with the OS four stroke glow plug we used. Very reliable operation with easy starting, a very low idle speed, and a noticeable power gain. Interesting that OS jumped on the Gas/Glow "bandwagon". I too wonder what the difference is with their GG glow plug.


Aviator, I have a couple questions regarding the 1/3 glow/2/3 gas mix. Have you tried avgas/glow mix?

Since coming to gas from glow 6 years ago, besides the ease and convenience and low expense, it has been great to keep bearing rust out of my engines. Gas engines simply don't require any extra after run procedures that I used with big block glow. Since you have run the mix for years, what has the experience been in regard to rust protection and bearing failures? Is this the caveat or a no-brainer?