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Originally Posted by DeviousDave View Post
Greg says it makes more power than on glow, just at an RPM that most don't think of when equating small engines and earth shaking power. His website says it does 11k on a Graupner 8-4 with a 4500rpm low end: http://www.dieselrc.com/blog/?p=12

The worst part about Greg is that he and his family are 5 hours way in good weather on the other side of the other armpit of the Midwest... I'm in Detroit, he's in Chicago. We don't get to fly much anymore.
Well, it's too bad you guys have steady, highly skilled, lucrative jobs that don't allow much hobby time.
I worked mostly as "Hall Trash" during the busy time of the year in new construction and averaged 2 to 3 months off every year. Just about as sweet as what the teachers get, but always uncertain about your next employer.