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Originally Posted by marksz1 View Post
I have a GGT15 glow/gas and also a GT15 with ignition. The glow version runs a bit stronger in all rpm ranges. Very quick throttle response. I have only run mine on Echo weed wacker fuel, from Home Depot since I have not been able to purchase any ethanol free gas around here. I was afraid to run ethanol since it is so corrosive, but may try it as well as different octane ratings. 87 /91/ 94 octane may change the timing on a glow/gas engine, just the same as nitro content in a regular glow does. The Echo small engine fuel has stabilizer, synthetic oil, and is 94 octane pure gasoline. It works very well, even making an old chain saw that I had given up on run like it was new. (it overheated/shut down repeatedly on ethanol laced fuel) Anyways these glow/gas engines are the usual high quality we have come to expect from OS. I feel there will be "copycat" glow plugs in the near future, and if they are low quality they may turn people away from this concept. But hey small nuclear reactors the size of a pencil eraser are probably on the way LOL these will be able to lift a 54 lb model airplane with ease..................................PS you do need a fresh charge on the glow igniter to get the GGT plug filament hot enough to start the engine.

Also on the DLE 20cc a higher octane may stop the detonation.

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Have not had time to do any more R&D on the glo gas thing. Winter finally came to WY.I am building air planes. Did run the Valley View 20 on the test bench with glo plug seemed to do very well.I will try some new gas in the 20 when it warms up. Funny it turned the same RPM as it did on spark.Maybe is not detonation.
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The G-26 with the long thread spark plug will not run on glo plug.
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