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Originally Posted by dirtybird View Post
I was in Wyoming once. I will never forget it. I was on my way to see my cousin in Big Timber Mt. It happened to be when the first Russian astronaut was flying over our heads.
I stayed in a motel in Cody. The next morning I was having breakfast, and the radio was on. It said"Last night there were two muggings,one rape, and a knife attack. Then I overheard one waitress say to the other"Well we got thru that night without much trouble".
I paid for my breakfast with a $10 bill. I got 7 silver dollars back in change.
Maybe things have changed a bit. I suspect you won't get silver dollars in change anymore.
No more silver dollars.Tried to give a silver dollar to a girl at the drive in at Bassett Ne and she would not take it. She showed it to the mgr and came out and ask ,do you have more of these. LOL