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Originally Posted by Guybo-1 View Post
Ok I have an OS GT15 NIB and I would like to convert it in to a GGT15 and not have to deal with the spark ignition system set up. I have looked at the parts list for both the GT15 and the GGT15 And they look the same accept for the plug and maybe the heads. What would it take to convert the GT15 into a GGT15 and not have to deal with all of the extra spark ignition parts? Would it be as simple as removing the spark plug and just thread in the OS Gas/Glow plug? Or will we have to order the head for the GGt15 and install it? Or is there some differences in the fuel pump and carb. that is not reflected by the parts numbers? Is it even possible?
Read a little further up on this page. I did the ign to glow conversion on the OS15cc. I used the adapter that Bill C sells (bcci) and the G5 plug. It's been too cold and nasty to play with the set up yet, but spring is only a month and half away.