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Default Engine Syncronizers which is better D&L "Twinsync" or OSA " MicroSync"

Buying a F7 Tigercat with DLE 20's on board. I have set up twins before and have been decent at synchronizing them. For this project I am considering using Sync device. Have been reading and the two units available are the

"Twinsync" From Down and Locked http://www.downandlocked.com/Home.php

Manual: http://www.downandlocked.com/uploads...manual_5-0.pdf

"MicroSync" from Oregon Scale Aviation http://oregonscaleaviation.com/Resou...icroSynch.html

Manual: http://oregonscaleaviation.com/Resou...ynchManual.pdf

I'd like to hear how these have held up over time. The good , bad and ugly. Prior threads are old and I didn't find as much on the MicroSync and didn't see a head to head comparison. I saw that the Twinsync can plug into the tach lead of the DLE 20 ignition module eliminating the task of placing Hall sensors a big plus.

Looking forward to hearing that sweet twin sound from the F7. Thanks,