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Originally Posted by bentwings View Post
I too have flown twins off and on for a long time. My son and I tried both of those listed and while "micro..." Worked and his support was excellent we found it just too complicated.

You just don't have time to do throttle resets when you lose a motor especially if the plane is a long way out or close to the ground.

i always tried to get both motors running nice but not necessarily at exact sync. Reliable idle and consistent equal response is most important. You need to be a bit rich at full throttle on the ground as rpm picks up in the air and the motors lean out.

if I was to do anything I'd get the EagleTree Guardian stabilizer. This thing should give you a few more seconds to react on engine out. It should hold rudder long enough for you to make your choices. I flew
my big Corsair with only an early helicopter gyro on the rudder for many years. It worked great especially in cross wind takeoff and landings so this modern tech should work better with faster response. Check them out.

Before I fly twins or any plane I check out the field area and get some idea where I could land in emergency.

My my plan on engine out is cut the throttle and nose down to maintain air speed. If I can make the field safely fine but otherwise gear up and belly it in. I'd rather repair than build a new plane.
Sage advice, Thanks for the feedback