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I think adding weight and forging ahead is what I'd do. If I remember correctly, you've added a foot to the wing span over the plan (?) so it should carry some extra weight easily. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. IMHO getting the CG right is more important for success than obsessing over weight. My planes always seem to come out heavy and they fly well. One is a 60 inch BUHOR powered by an OS 65 LA that I call the "Gooney Bird" because it looks like a B-29 with a full load of bombs trying to lift off from Okinawa. But once in the air and "on the wing" it is a pleasure to fly.

Any way to move the motor forward on the motor mount?

You are balancing on the wing spar .... right? .

You could shim the wing at either the leading edge or trailing edge to get an appropriate angle-of-attack (I frequently do that-).

Just throwing out ideas and I'm out of new ones ...hope I'm helping ,,, it's hard doing this blind.

Live long, and prosper

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