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Pretty neat blog from NFFS.

Round 5, the penultimate (this blogger has always wanted to use this word so that is of the bucket list) round is over and our hearts are still racing. Zoltan Sukosd (Hungary) started of among the big boys with the best time so far of 26:37. This vaulted Zoltan up to first place. John Kagan (USA) responded with a flight that left all in wonder as the plane as he plane hit the wall and slide down thirty feet (ten meters) and still lasted 25:18 to improve John’s total time. Kang Lee (USA) , as is his usual custom, flew nearly last in the round. His plane was up to the catwalk level and hit several times before, with some good fortune, making it down in one piece. Again as his often the case with Kang, he saved the best for the last day and his time was 27:59, the best of the contest so far. This put Kang into second place just 18 seconds behind Zoltan. John is now third just 36 seconds behind Zoltan. Brett Sanborn (USA) continued his solid performance with another flight in the 24 minute range. However, several fliers from Eastern Europe have been up in the air a bit longer and Brett slides down to sixth place. Joshua Finn had some problems and ended the round in 19th place. In the team standings, the US is now second just 9 seconds behind Hungary with Romania 5 minutes behind third. Kang’s times do not count in the team standings as he is at the event as the current World Champion and not as member of the US team. If Kang was on the US team, the US team would be in first place by nearly 9 minutes.

The junior division was tame by comparison. Bulai Calin (Romania) stays in first followed by the three Ukrainian juniors. David Yang put up his best so far, a 234 and stays in fifth place. Wyatt Wear (USA) and Joseph Szczur (USA) are still struggling but also improving. And, the Ukraine junior team still leads the team