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Originally Posted by Dblex View Post

How did you mount your wingtip rails!!!????

i should have rolled my engine too for wiring!! Dang it
I used some long flat head screws from Home Depot, I'll get the specifics if you want.

I did the maiden this morning, did some adjustments and flew again. My first impression, without giving the F-18c a fair chance I guess is I like the Super Hornet better. I want to give it some more time though, give it a chance and get my trims and CG where I want them, then I'll decide. It looks cool, I was flying with two wing tanks and wing and tip missiles. I was surprised at how much power I needed especially in the turns, a couple of times with half throttle it got mushy and started falling. At 1/4" up elevator to compensate for full flap was way too much, I reduced that for the next flight. Air brake wants to push the nose up, I definitely want to use that for the landings, I had a hard time slowing it down for landing.