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Hey guys. Couple of questions on tires. I ran searches and didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so sorry if these have already been answered!

I am running the Tamiya F104 F1 car currently. I am having some traction issues that I am trying to work out. This car isn't going to be raced. I bought it strictly for playing around on asphalt. It has the stock tires that came with the kit. The car is spinning out pretty regularly on turns (back end comes around). Tires spin at heavy throttle and accelerating during the turns, but thinking that is a result of the power of the motor. I recently put a 17.5T Hobbywing Motor and ESC combo in it to tame it down from what came in it from the previous owner (4300kv).

1. I think the stock tires are hard in the back and soft in the front. Is this ideal for what I am looking to do, or do I need to go soft and soft?
2. Are tires the problem (assuming the rears are hard) or do I need to work on the suspension?
3. Would a grooved tire do me well for what I am doing with the car or do I stick with slicks?

In case anyone is wondering, I have the t-bar that came with the CF frame. Also, the rear is at 7MM and the front is at about 5MM I am guessing. Haven't adjusted any other suspension components. Thanks guys.