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Just joined here as I recently acquired a monster mt and have been scouring the interweb for likeminded folks who share my adoration for it.

I have just read through the entire contents of this thread and feel the need to disagree with anyone commenting on it's reliability. You see, my recent purchase was from a life long friend who has owned the truck from new and in all honesty has only ever had to replace either front or rear bumpers. When he told me he was ready to part with it, I practically threw the money at him!

So, one month on and I have spent a few quid on the old girl. Wasn't happy with the radio gear so changed that. Stripped the engine (28) to service it and found the piston/liner to be heavily scored so replaced that with an R36. First half tank went through that today so it's a TBC

The bodyshell is beat up pretty good so if anyone knows of a cheaper replacement than stock, that would be cool.

That's all for now, more when the new engine has run in