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I just started construction of an Etude for my father, I took the time to weight everything.
Fuse 1035
Right wing 293
Left wing 291
Right stab 72
Left stab 74
Rudder 68
Wing tube 52
Landing gear, Wheel pants and Miscellaneous hardware: 273
Total 2158. I believe the weights posted on the website do not include Landing gear and hardware.

I plan on using the equipment from a nuance that had a close encounter with the ground.
So far I got the following:
Q-80 11S: 665g
2 X BLS 173: 58g
BLS 175: 68g
2X BLS 571: 101g
Mezon 95 w/ arming assembly: 135g
Receiver: 15g
3 blade prop: 60g
CF spinner: 20g
2 X receiver batt: 98g
extentions: 80g
Smart fly reg with F/S switch: 60g
pushrods and BB ball links: 49g
Firewall+battery tray: 65g
Total equipment will be 1463g for a plane weight of 3621g. My build could be much lighter by using the stock pushrods, lighter regulator and single rec battery though I don't see the need for it since the airframe will easily make weight.