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1. canopy has no latching mechanism – there is a carbon rod and a couple of white round knobs. You’ll notice the canopy alignment tabs at the rear have a cut out/notch. The rod goes through to rectangle cut out on the side of the fuselage at the rear of the canopy. To open the canopy pull the two outside white knobs at the ends of the carbon rod and ease the canopy up with your fingers or thumb. I installed a spring and pin latch at the top of the canopy because I have one hand. A work on aligning the two canopy pins in the front and the tab hole in the fuselage. Mine need a little filing in the hole to get the fit I likes. Canopy is light, yes. It works for me. On my Nuance I added a small light cross piece of balsa where I handled it.
2. Next, you've provided the CG point - The CG is measured at the back lower edge of the canopy corner.
3. index point for setting the incidence – I measure my incidence off of the stabilizer without the elevators installed. First assure the stabs are exactly the same. I use paper that is stiff enough to have some body. You see what I mean. Slid the stabs on the two carbon rods on the fuselage. Next slide a piece of your paper behind the stab. Then cut a little out for the carbon rods. Next tighten up on the paper with the stab. Trace the stab ends and on top on the paper. Next align two sheets of paper and then cut out the stab leaving enough some paper below at the stab ends. Next, snog up the stabs. Put the paper on the stabs and check the corners. They need to be aligned. That will determine zero incidence of the stabs.
The wing can now have the incidence set off of the stab witch is zero. Remember no elevators or ailerons installed during the incidence set up.
4. stock wing incidence adjusters – no I like the Gator ones from F3A Unlimited. I install then at the rear of the wing. I think the stock ones would work. The stock ones are good for the front.

Hope this is helpful