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Originally Posted by cactusblues View Post
Thanks for all the info. I had already to decided to Hysol in some cross bracing balsa for the canopy and to install a mechanical canopy latching mechanism. I will certainly look at all the pictures you've suggested, and have Google Translate handy to try to decipher any Asian character instructions.

On the incidence adjustment topic though, I've got a question. In the past, I've used the fuselage canopy line as my index point to establish level for the airframe, then used my Robart incidence gauge to set a starting incidence in relation to that index for both the stab and wings. Does that seem reasonable to you guys? I'm installing the Gator incidence adjusters to the forward fuselage points, versus the rear ones that are installed.

As you have suggested, I Hysol a lot of the interior (landing gear box, firewall, battery tray, wing tube support, etc..) in these composite models. Experience, mostly bad, has taught me not to trust the factory glue and glue joints. Hysol just keeps everything where it belongs on those windy contest day landings.

Thanks again for the useful input. Keep it coming.
don't over complicate the setting up of the fuselage to then take the incidences from. it's not relevant what the airframe is at when you do this as long as it's reasonably level but more importantly it's fixed in place and doesn't move as you go back and forth as you take measurements or make adjustments with the wing adjustors. The measurements are between the stab, wing and motor. The stab is fixed. while I did move the back of the airframe up and down so the incident meter read 0 on the stab, that's not critical because all you need to know is the relative difference in degrees between them and it's not only irrelevant but maybe completely impractical to read what the canopy opening is because there's no requirement by the design that it is flat or has the same incidence as anything else that is important measure.