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I cannot figure out why people talk about this topic. This is not important at all. I fly real airplanes to and when I flew piston twins engines were always a few hundred out. I have been flying g RC for 40 years and RC twins for 30 years. I have about at this time 13 twins from glow to super big gas twins. Working on a Hostetler Cessna 421 now the big one. It will have twin cylinder 3W twin 70s. What people always miss is this really IS NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a problem when engines shared a fuel tank. This has not been done for years. Simple set the engines to run that's it. Don't go back and forth and adjust them I see guys doing this all the time and engines fail because they are so concerned about a few hundred rpm and not about the real issue running so one is lean. Not necessary EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I log my flights and at this point have 3500 twin flights with glow and gas and to date never had an engine STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like this device that's cool use it just telling you my experience with twins.