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As Heliman.. Said leave the sync in the box. Get both motors running nicely. A few rpm out isn't going to hurt. It's a lot more important to have both run all the time. We had tachs mounted in the top turret of the B25 so it was easy to monitor rpm. We were fortunate that both motors ran pretty well out of the box with electronic ignition. We had scale functioning exhaust that caused minor problems until I equalized the pipe length. Not tuned pipes just equal length. They apparently worked very well as it was easy to get almost 500 rpm more than others got out of the same motors. We just ran a little richer on the top end and they ran perfectly. Easy starting and held adjustements like a lawn mower. Start them and go fly.
again I'd use an electronic stabilizer and have it on its own channel so it could be turned off and on.

It it was interesting to see how much rudder input the gyro put on my Corsair on take offs. I fly with rudder so the gyro just helps me. But I did try takeoffs without rudder input and let the gyro do its job. It would put 20-30 deg in at times if you just jumped the throttle. I'm sure it saved me a few times when we flew in really windy conditions.