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Default Kinda Crazy Tunnel Rebuild

Hello all, I've got a really fun rebuild going on and thought I'd check in here for some of the good advice I always get (and appreciate very much). The boat is an old Prather "Shot in the Dark" fiberglass job. It's only 27.5 inches long, but the beam in the rear is a whopping 14.5 inches. I stripped everything out including the mildly hopped up 3.5 K&B. I moved the fuel tank all the way to the front, to keep as much weight out of the rear as I can to accommodate the new 7.5 K&B. I'm using a pretty trick Spektrum receiver that has dual throttle and steering outputs, so the steering will get two Futaba S-28 servos, while the carb will get one. I have a third channel that I think is just a 3 position switch. Here's where things get weird; I'd like to use that 3rd channel for a power tilt. I was thinking though, that maybe, a guy could even use the second throttle output for a trim/tilt servo that would pull the motor up as the throttle opens just like you do in a real bass boat. It would take a lot of tweaking I'm sure, but do you all think it's even doable? If so, I wonder what kind of speed it would add. I'm already going with twice the power the boat is designed for, so I'm thinking some sort of wing for sure, but when it comes to wings, I'm totally lost.