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Default Whats the difference?

Bryan flew his new Alchemy last weekend. Here are some of his comments on the Model and the differences to the Allure.

Here are a few pictures showing the difference between the Allure and the New Alchemy

You can see the size of the fin and rudder has been changed, the wings were adjusted on the tip, the airfoil thickness reduced and ailerons are slightly larger. The sweep has been changed to help with CG placement.

The canopy is more forward and 1/2 taller (this made a nice change to the pace and rudder power).

The plane is a little lighter allowing for 6000 mAh packs to be used easily.

The plane has no knife edge mixing from zero to end point so it makes effortless power on a knife edge demand. About 25-30% increase in power and authority!

The poise of the model in the air is so nice and ready for anything without compromise. The more I fly it the more Im impressed I designed this model.

Bryan Hebert
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