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Originally Posted by Smooth Pilot View Post
Here are three photos that should help with your installation. As you can see I just added two pieces of 3/16-inch plywood for the legs, used epoxy to keep them secure, located where to drill through to intersect the landing gear tray, and drilled the holes. I placed the tray into the aircraft and hand drilled a starter hole to make sure I go through the landing gear support. Oversize drilled the hole in the land gear support so a 4-40 t-nut would set in fairly firmly, screwed a socket head 4-40 screw to hold the t-nut in place, and hit the t-nut with a drop of CA. Made sure the CA was fully set, removed the socket head and double checked the hole alignments. Was off just a little bit on one screw so I oversize drilled the leg hole to the next sized drill bit up and that fixed the alignment and allowed the tray to be screwed in place. Make sure you use washers on the screw head to spread the load on the tray legs and to prevent too much dimpling on the legs. You have to look close, but in one picture you can see the two 4-40 nuts on the landing gear support.

Let me know if you have any more questions or have a better way to secure the tray. I am always willing to learn new things.

Thanks for the reply. The photos and description are appreciated. On another topic, I had a problem installing an aileron horn. One wing no problem. Second wing same location but just caught the edge of hard point ( I can only surmise this plate was either too small or not in proper location). This is my first composite wing and I could use some advice on best way to install additional hard block with least amount of cosmetic damage while having a solid gluing structure.