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Default Newbee needs help

So I am trying to get my 60cc evolution engine to start and run consistently. Have had a few problems first gas plane so all new to me.

It's a evolution 62gx 60cc gas .engine. I have had it running but it seems to flood really easy.

Here is a senario cold start choke on ignition on hand prop 4to 5 flips she will pop. Choke off 4to 5 flips and bingo starts.

Let it run a little warm it up and it's idling around 1800 rpm.

Should mention brand new engine plane has not been flown yet.

So I ran it 5to7minutes up and down on throttle seems good strong good response.

Shut off and restart hot 2flips no choke .

Let it go cold same sequence choke on 4 to 5 flips popsp choke off 4to 5 flips starts.

3rd trycold start after 5 flips no pop and now I smell fuel won't start....pull plug soaked fuel Poor's out of cylinder.

This has happened 3times were it just floods after it has been running. Then I have to dry out plug and engine . Then have a hard time starting . Unless it's a new plug.

One thing did notice is the spark plugs are coming out black on the electrode. Maybe running to rich how do I tell.

Don't see a lot of smoke or excessive oil or gas from exhaust.. am running a hotter ngk plug.

At first I could not get fuel to the carb now I get to much.
It seems that I might be close since it starts pretty easy and is almost consistent with the number of flips.

Then again I am new and don't have a base line on were it should be on idle or if it's rich or lean.

Seems like it fowls the plug. If I use a new plug it will start up a couple of times but then after running it a couple of times it floods. Iwas going to try starting it tommorow with the cleaned plug will see how that goes. I have a feeling it won't start and will flood.

I hope somebody can give me some pointers or direction on this. All my flying buddies are flying electric they are no help.