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Can you be a little more specific... what do you mean by zdr regulator side of the carb. I got it to start cold ..no go with choke on after 5 flips no start... choke off about 10 flips some life .. and about 2 more it started. With choke on smelled fuel after 3 flips.

nothing in the manual about zdr regulator.. just low and high jets setting. The carburetor is recessed in the front of the fuselage kinda behind the firewall. Its a hangar 9 p3 biplane so i cannot access the carb intake area with out removing the engine . Im trying to avoid that. So what ever carb settings have to be done engine mounted. Leaned something tonight after 4 or 5 flips and no start choke off and then flip 10 to 12 will start.

thanks ... cut finger institute hope it wasnt bad.. my friend needed 50 stiches last year in his fore arm electric plane bit him while he was carrying it. hope you are kidding about the mangled hand ... i am getting more comfortable hand propping this bird,, but am still intimidated. I bought a chicken stick and a electric starter.. still using my hand. Once i get this dialed in will use the starter. Dont want to think what would happen if you caught this prop in the hand or finger. .

any more info would be great thanks. todd