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Thanks for the info ..this is a brand new engine i suppose it could have been assembled wrong. Like i said i have to remove the engine to get to the carb.

Is there any thing else i need to know or do . Doesnt sound correct that i have to disasemble a brand new engine/ carb . But then again evolution engine is supplied thru horizon hobby and i am not to pleased with them.

Had to get a custom made muffler horizon hobby sold the engine but had no mufflers for it... that was nice after i spent 1500.00 on the plane engine prop etc .. there customer service is not like it used to be.

enough rambling... if anybody else has any tips of pointers im listening. am i doing the correct start procedure ... ignition on choke on throttle 1 click up flip 4-5 times till it pops .. choke off flip it 5-6 times till it starts. Thats what the guys at the field do and on you tube.

or should i do something different.
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