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Originally Posted by Pull Up Now! View Post
Mine is no longer in existence. No, it didn't crash as one might expect. It was destroyed in a fire. Sure loved it, it flew well. I had a Zenoah G38 that I converted to electronic ignition (from magneto). It was the first plane I had built in years in which I put a lot of scale detail. It flew heavy, but predictably. And with that big thick wing, it still landed gently. I'd love to have another one, but Ever Soaring Models has raised it's prices to where it doesn't really stand out as a great deal anymore. Plus, the supplier, Troy Built Models, went out of business.
Oh no! Sorry to hear about the fire! I am sure the Zenoah flew it well, I had the magneto version a long time ago and it was a great motor.

It seems like the DLE 30 will fit nicely in the cowl, looking forward to the build, just finishing a Seagull FW-190 and have a DH.98 also ready to be test flown. I believe ESM is history so now we only have what stock is left, a bit sad. I still have a BF-110C and Stuka in boxes waiting their turn on the workbench.