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Originally Posted by nheather View Post

Thatís a shame but coupled with the shrinking of the helicopter hobby it does not come as a huge surprise.

Also I have always been puzzled by their business model. Nice as it is that a customer never has to buy an upgrade, I have always thought it was cutting the potential market.

There are only so many RC helicopter modellers out there, and that has decreased significantly over the last few years. Only a proportion of those will buy a simulator. And once they have bought the simulator, the generous business model means that they can stay updated and never pay Phoenix another penny.

It just seems that the potential income would be reducing all the time until the point that it isnít enough to sustain the business.

Surprised it survived this long to be honest.


Absolutely agree with your observations. I wish they would continue to build on what they had. It was an excellent piece of simulator software and these days you really don't need much of a distribution chain. Software can be sold as downloads. Personally I would be more than willing to pay for major upgrades and for a new version if the developers released one. I understand they actually had a beta of version 6 that was floating around for awhile.

Either way it would be nice to know what happened to the code base. It is still a very viable and current sim with lots of folks still making models for it.