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Default Excalibur 2 conversion to electric power

Nose ring mount with cooling holes and acces for the rear mounting bolts through the side holes. The cooling air will pass through the Tru Turn Tubro spinner passed the motor and also over the ESC through the chin cowling and exit down the old exhaust tunnel and out the bottom of the fuse.

Chin cowling holes filled in. The ESC will be mounted to it soon with new cooling inlet.z

Side view with structure visible

Mount for the rear end of the motor.

New foam crutch installed on front section between the canopy and servo bulkheads

Well after many years of it hanging in my rafters I finally got my very early kitted by Steve Stricker Excalibur 2 and started the conversion after a few discussions with fellow modelers Troy Lawicki and Chris Gini at work during lunch breaks. I stopped eflying it when it was damaged during my move into my current home 18 years ago The conversion process started by stripping out the old servos, retract for the nose gear, fuel system, AAC motor mounting and exhaust systems for the YS 1.2 AC and then removing the K&B epoxy paint down to mostly bare glass. Stripping the paint was done by shaving it off with a single edged razor blade held at just the right angle and then sanding with 180 grit paper to get to the base fuse. All of the loose internal structure was rebonded and the holes cleaned up and filled in on the tail for the pushrods and the cowling for the cylinder head, manifold to protrude and the cooling inlet with West systems epoxy and two layers of 4 oz cloth. I was nice to have the bare glass as it allowed me to see what needed attention after 6 years of flying and then 18 years hanging in the rafters. I settled on using a Steve Neu 1512/2Y in runner with a 5.2-1 gear box and a castle HV 85 ESC on 10-12 cells over an out runner turning a 12-12 or 14-12 prop depending on the final flight testing. Weight right now without batteries is about six pounds. More pictures to come as the final mounting for the ESC is configured and batteries to balance it, but we are shooting for 10 pounds RTF.

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