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Originally Posted by speedracerntrixie View Post
Hey Scott, the offer is much appreciated. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with the Intruder. Just need to wait until after the first of the year to order it. I promise to leave the electric airplane home next time. I’m thinking the 3W powered Reed Falcon will make the trip with me.
Hey Speed......
I had an Intruder several years ago.
It required a LOT of work to make it usable....
Like chopping the bottom of the fuse open behind the t/e to get access to that bulkhead that the elevator tubes are glued to.
They were so stiff and sticky the servo arm would flex.....the arm would have broken fore sure.
I replaced all that crap with Sullivan push rods....nice and free operating...worked fine.

It is also very tail heavy even with the OS 91 pump engine I used.
Your 2 stroke will probably need a LOT of lead in the nose.
It MUST be balanced at the main gear to lightly sit on its tail with an empty tank.....it flys best here.
The elevators were built wrong....flat on the bottom and airfoiled on the top.
Obviously...they were built on a flat surface...wrong!
It does not have enough rudder....hard to do stall turns but with a bit of throttle it works....most of the time.
Because of the small rudder....knife edge must be done at max speed.
The fuel tank area is very limited.
The cowling is somewhat fragile but can be made to work.
The covering has a tendency to blow off...seal the edges with thin CA.

The good points are....it's built to crash....it weighs 6 tons ready to fly.
But.....with enough power the vertical is not too bad for an SPA airplane.
It takes off and lands very nicely with that big wing.
The single elevator servo drives both elevators....they provide a slick device to couple both push rods....it worked well.
There is no way that the wing will fold with all that lumber and the aluminum tube and screws etc in the center section.
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