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Had a look through my old MA's looking for articles I remember related to this airplane. Found one - the columnist was Eric Henderson - in the September 2007 issue, he reprints an associate's favorable letter relaying that the World Model's ARF had been re-issued with suggested SPA "improvements" including a revised symmetrical stab, lengthened fuselage, enlarged rudder, and a reduction in weight to better market to the pattern community. What got my attention is the side mounted four-stroke .91 and exposed elevator servo just in front of the stab with the interim, linkage drive to both elevator halves to offset the heavier engine... So there were apparently two versions of this ARF!

Not trying to sway your decision - just wanted to give the full story.

I understand the desire to side mount the engine - probably to optimize fuel draw in all attitudes. What I don't understand is why 4-strokes are allowed in SPA when they really didn't become practical until the '80's. BTW, I'm fine with this allowance and may consider it myself, but just wondering. Also, where do you find this device that allows driving two elevator halves with one servo or is it custom fabricated in this instance? Its a tiller arm driven by the servo on one side that in-turn allows driving the control surface from both sides via a cross-shaft/torque-tube supported in bearings.

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