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Thanks John... Im really not bubbling with joy just yet as I still have some stuff to figure out. Im hoping the new CG location will show more improvement or its a thrust pitch issue or perhaps a horizontal stab issue. either way it IS controllable at this point.. so hoping its just the CG.

As for the throws.. I used about 4-5 mm up/down on the ailerons and 40% expo. It was a short flight and though I had full elevator the entire flight.. the plane felt just right. Banked very nice. Not sensitive at all. I also added reflex to the ailerons mixed with the elevator as someone mention. Not sure if that helped with the lift on take off or not, I imagine it did as others have mentioned doing the same with success.

I moved the CG back another 1".. hoping to see some improvement ie: less elevator.

Thanks for your interest.. always appreciated!