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Originally Posted by Len Todd View Post
Make sure you put in a stop to preclude the canopy from sliding out once it is in the slot, Just in case you start it up with the canopy open. If you don't, you'll be looking for a new canopy cause the back lip breaks off when the canopy gets blown off. Re-glue all your hinges too.

I am going to "leave the stopper out" as I know what happens when you leave it open on start....I have started with full Choke and then I close the Choke and LOCK the canopy... IT will blow back either way....and with the stopper it will just damage stuff...so my thought is to leave it off and it will "fly free" if need be! I also built a 2nd canopy and have a complete canopy kit in my stash.... I had this happen on P-51D #1....and removing the stopper/screw made the damage minimal if you forget!