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Originally Posted by Sizemore N View Post
Thanks for the heads up on how will the plane flies that's nice to know.
Regarding what choice of retracts people are using I went with robart had no reason to believe that they wouldn't be a quality gear after all it's robart. With the gear retracted there is too much play, a 1/4 inch on the left side and 1/8 in on the right side. The fact that there was different amounts of play bothered me more than anything why is it not the same so, knowing that I was going to the Toledo show I took the wing Center section with me to speak to robart personally. I spoke with the owner of robart and first he told me there's nothing wrong with the gear that's normal and when I pointed out that one side was worse than the other he counter dicted himself and said well you can send it back in and we can fix it but then he tells me I had to pay for the labor to fix their problem, by this time I was so frustrated with this situation (nightmare flashbacks with Top Flite) that I picked up the center section and told him from now on I would be doing my business with Sierra retracts. It's unbelievable that a business thinks they can dump on the customer their problems and not even consider being responsible for their product. I have always considered robart to be one of the best if not the best retracts in the industry up till a few years ago when I started having issues.
So with all that said I would strongly recommend using some other brand of retracts then robart. I hate the dump on manufacturers because this is a man-made product and nothing's perfect but backup your product and make it right seems to be the biggest issue nowadays when something is wrong.
I can't wait to get past all of this and fly this warbird. I live in northern Indiana the weather is starting to get better finally, I hope everybody has a safe and great flying season!

I have the same issues with my Top Flite Zeero and the Robart Gear. I avoid using them. Is yours electric or pneumatic? I don't know if the electrics would stay up any better.