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Originally Posted by JulianF25 View Post
Hi all,
The fact that kits are slowly disappearing brings some nostalgia in me but I would say that it's no sign that our hobby is in any danger. It has simply evolved.
To be perfectly honest, I never cared much for kits or ARFs until my 20's. My first model airplane was a rubber powered Piper Cub built 35yrs ago from a set of plans given to me by a family friend. My first RC plane was an Eaglet 50 which was scratch built as well. So was my first Curare and there were many others. There is a long list in my bucket list yet to come. So, my point is that as long as there is balsa, glue, mono-kote and plans available what do we really have to worry about?

Happy flights and safe landings to all.
Monokote is getting harder to find.